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Cosmoraj follows the customer from the idea, to the development of a new formulation, to the selection of the most suitable packaging options up to the delivery. With our full service and clear direction, we take care of our customers to supply them “turnkey” products ready for sale!

Its all about getting your product from idea to market super fast and then able to able to scale the production to meet the growing orders. Social media influencers today are creating the next generation of beauty and lifestyle brands with huge cult following, we help social media influencers develop tried and tested formulations with their own selection of colors and fragrances and packaging in quick turn around time.

If you know what you want to create, we can help you bring those products to life super fast with our Fast Beauty & Lifestyle product development platform.

product development &

testing lab

COSMORAJ designs and tests out hundreds of new products a year in makeup, skincare, fragrances, personal care and lifestyle products. We have great research and development partners and have an in house team of beauty experts and consultants that help us create great products for customers.

Our network of research and development partners span across Europe and Asia and we compatibility test all our products in house with our in house team and consultants. We never test out products on animals and and make our formulations with natural oils, plant extracts and high quality pigments. 

Our product development cycle starts with understanding market trends and bringing on trending products to market lightening fast. All our formulations are tested for at least 1 year and are pre compatibility tested with our range of packaging.

Our partners around the world have given us the capability to provide hand sanitizers, disinfectants, cosmetics, personal care and lifestyle products super fast in a vast array of packaging. With all our testing done with authorized labs in Europe, our products are registered on the European cosmetics product database and are produced in our GMP certified facility in Malta, EU.

Regulatory &


All our products are tried and tested, with compatibility testing done on all our products. 

We provide for our customers complete peace of mind knowing that we hold all the necessary Material Safety Data Sheets, INCI files and certifications necessary to export worldwide with our products already registered for brands in the European Cosmetics product database and approved by safety assesments.

COSMORAJ is a GMP certified manufacturer for filling and packaging of cosmetics and personal care products, we work with the best ingredient and packaging companies worldwide with a diverse supplier matrix that allows us to bring products to market lightening fast.

If you have any specific regulatory and compliance question please let us know 

Development, production &

filling procedure testing

Cosmoraj products are tested during development, production and filling procedure to ensure concrete results. All our testing is performed both our suppliers and by approved labs and we regularly perform these standard tests including

  • pH balance,
  • viscosity,
  • yeast and mold,
  • appearance (aesthetics),
  • odor,
  • microbial count,
  • stability,
  • dermatological and
    ophthalmological tests.

Depending on the requirements from our clients, we perform in vivo or in vitro efficacy tests (such has long lasting test, SPF, hydration and volume-lengthening-curling-waterproof efficacy test on mascara etc.) and heavy metal tests. Testing products may require additional costs and any test required can be performed by our third party labs.